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Obiano Donated N3b For Buhari’s Reelection Project?


A report made available to ElombahNews has suggested that the governor of Anambra State, Mr. Willie Obiano donated a staggering sum of N3b cash belonging to the Anambra People to the President Muhammadu Buhari reelection project.

The insinuation was made by Mr. Emeka Umeagbalasi, the chairman of the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety), a Southeast-based organisation.

Mr. Umeagbalasi informed ElombahNews, during a telephone conversation, that the revelation was made  to him by a highly-placed source close to Governor Obiano.

In a 16-point poser, Intersociety looked into the position of Igbo Nation in the present political dispensation including the composition of the country’s political and security establishments.

The role of Igbo or Southeast public office holders particularly the Governors and the federal legislators from the Region was also looked into and critically examined.

The questions are as follows:

(1) Is it correct that the Governor of Anambra State recently made a donation of staggering sum of N3b cash belonging to the Anambra People to the Buhari reelection “project”?

(2) Is it also correct that when pushed he ordered the money to be recovered from traders including buyers and sellers of foodstuffs, hawkers and commercial transporters in the State particularly Onitsha, Nnewi and environs through sundry tolls and extortions presently ravaging the State?

(3) Is it correct that when pushed further he claimed he donated the money so as to placate the Presidency into releasing “N43b debts owed the State for rehabilitation of Federal roads in the State”?

Other are:

(4) Is it also correct that another whopping sum of N500m cash with nine different brands of vehicles including three buses, regular cars and SUVs belonging to Anambra State or procured with Anambra State resources was given to the Presidential Candidate of APGA on the day of the Party’s campaign flag off?

(5) If the two open questions to Gov Obiano are true, then when and where did the People of Anambra State authorize him to waste sum gargantuan amounts in such frivolities? The Gov should speak publicly, concretely and convincingly  to Anambra People if they are not true

(6) How much cash belonging to the People of Imo State, if any, has the Governor of Imo State donated for the reelection of Mr. Buhari, if true?

(7) How much cash belonging to the People of Abia State, if any, has the Governor of Abia State donated for the reelection of Mr. Buhari, if true?

(8) How much cash belonging to the People of Enugu State, if any, has the Governor of Enugu State donated for the reelection of Mr. Buhari, if true? 

(9) How much cash belonging to the People of Ebonyi State, if any, has the Governor of Ebonyi State donated for the reelection of Mr. Buhari, if true? (10) Under what terms and conditions beneficial to the Southeast and the People of the Region are the Southeast Governors and some principal federal legislators from the Region supporting Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s reelection, if true?

The rest are:

(11) What in concrete, measurable and verifiable forms or in terms of human and material resources or quantification including security service chiefs and political and securitization inclusion and balancing have the Southeast Region benefitted from the Buhari Administration warranting adopting him, if true, for 2019 Presidential Election?

(12) Is adopting Buhari for 2019 Presidential Poll, if true, not a clear act of cowardice and in furtherance of pursuit of selfish, pecuniary and cowardly interests by his adopters, if true?

(13) Is the adoption, if true, not height of political suicide and a thank you or reward to the Administration for unleashing unspeakable atrocities including massacring of over 480 unarmed and defenseless citizens of  the Region and maiming of over 500 others without remorse or remedies till date?

We also ask:

(14) what has been the inputs of the Southeast Governors and the federal legislators from the Region in the posting of Northern Muslim dominated senior military and other security officers including Police CPs and Directors of SSS to the Region?

(15) What is the fate of Igbo Agenda in the 2019 Presidential Election and next political dispensation in view of the adoption of Mr. Muhammadu Buhari , if true, for 2019 Presidential Election?

(16) Is it not correct to say or conclude, if the above are correct, that the Southeast Governors and named federal legislators from the Region have brutally  undermined and compromised the security of the Region and traded off the safety and collective or general wellbeing of the People of the Region?

Intersociety demanded that answers to the above 16-point questions must be clearly and unambiguously provided by the addressed within two weeks from the date of issuance being 16th December 2018 or on or before 31st December 2018.

Intersociety also in its research findings and special report found that “N12b was donated by the Southeast Governors to fund the military massacre operations in the Region between August 2015 and September 2017 and its aftermath covering past 40 months or August 2015 to December 2018”.

The staggering sum was donated to all federal security formations in the Region from the so called monthly “security votes of the Governors”, on average of N60m monthly by each of the five Southeast Governors.

In the clear and unambiguous words of Intersociety, “the Southeast Governors further demonstrated unwillingness and inability to stop the massacre in their capacities as “Chief Security and Executive Officers” of their States.

Governors William Obiano and Victor Okezie Ikpeazu of Anambra and Abia States were particularly and directly involved by planning, organizing and funding the massacre operations in their States.

Throughout the massacre operations till date, the Southeast Governors have kept a sealed lip over Operation Python Dance.

According to Intersociety, “they watched by and said nothing when soldiers and police SARS operatives invaded hospitals where the shot and wounded were admitted for treatments and abducted them to unknown locations”.

“The Southeast Governors also colluded with President Buhari and his office in unleashing military and police siege on the Region leading to disruption of economic activities and endangering of lives of the citizens of the Region.

“The rapacious militarization of the Southeast Region was done without putting into consideration the collective security, safety and welfare of the People of the Region.

“It was done in disguise to flood the Region with violent Fulani marauders and other violent citizens; thereby making the Region a “conquered territory” or a “Region under conquest or siege by an army of occupation”.

“By granting blanket and cowardly approval to militarization of the Southeast Region including Army Python Dance exercises without resistance and rising in strong opposition to the imbalanced ethno-religious composition of those manning the commanding positions and rank and file of the military and police formations in the Region, the Governors of the Southeast have traded and sold off the security and safety of the Region”, Intersociety concluded.

The Civil Society Organisation, therefore, asked the Southeast Governors and the principal federal legislators from the region to, within two weeks, answer individually and collectively, the following questions.

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